Possible new DDCIL Information Service – We need your help!

DDCIL is currently examining the possibility of setting up a new Information Service and we would really appreciate input from local people, especially those who are themselves disabled or have a disabled family member.

To pursue funding we need to know if there is an interest in a specialist disability information and support service for Derbyshire . In order to evaluate this we’ve put together a very short questionnaire and we would greatly appreciate it if anyone interested would fill it out.

You can fill in the questionnaire in the box below, or click here to open it in a new window.

Alternatively you can download a Word document of the form below, or email us or pop into our office to request a paper copy.

Thank you very much if you take the time to fill out the form!


Information Service Evaluation of Need Questionnaire 2017

(This is a Word 2016 file, if you download it you may get an error when opening as Microsoft often blocks downloaded files from opening as a security precaution. If this happens, right click on the file, select properties and tick ‘Unblock’. If you would like the questionnaire in another format please email us).