Derby Audio Describers – Disabled Access Day and upcoming shows in Derby

‘Like a narrator telling a story, audio description is an additional commentary that describes body language, expressions and movements – allowing you to hear what you might not be able to see, so you don’t miss a thing’ – RNIB

Derby Audio Describers is a dedicated group that provides descriptions of the visual aspects of plays in order to enhance blind and partially sighted people’s enjoyment of the theatre in Derby.

Their most recent newsletter highlights their plans for the upcoming Disabled Access Day:

Disabled Access Day

March the 10th – 12th 2017 is this years choice weekend for Disabled Access Day. We are all encouraged by Euan’s Guide to promote all things access in our lives, and so we here at Derby Audio Describers will be audio describing Educating Rita at Derby Theatre on Saturday the 11th of March at 2.30pm. There will be a Touch Tour 75 minutes before the show and you can book your place on this at the box office when you book your ticket. Its free and you get a tour of the stage and get to see and feel things like costume and props close up. Sometimes we are even lucky enough to meet the actors!Derby Audio Describers also have the pleasure of being interviewed by Radio Derby on that day. They have recently got in touch with us and are keen to know a little bit more about live audio description, the service we provide and the thoughts of some of our customers, so if you are popping along to listen to our description then let us know if you would be happy to have a chat with Radio Derby too.

Feel free to come and meet us on the day, just ask for us on arrival and one of us will come and greet you. We are always happy to meet our listeners!

You could always email us if you would like more information at kirstyaudiodescriber@hotmail.com or follow us on  here on Facebook or you could head over to our blog to read all about what we get up to  here – https://derbyaudiodescribers.wordpress.com/

Upcoming Audio Described Shows in Derby:

  • Educating Rita at Derby Theatre: Tuesday 7th March 7.30pm and Saturday 11th March 2.30pm 01332 593939
  • Betrayal at Derby Theatre: Thursday 30th March 7.30pm and Saturday 1st April 2.30pm 01332 593939

Don’t forget to book yourself on the Touch Tour when booking your tickets! Just ask at Box office for more information.

More shows will be announced soon!