Supporting disabled
people to lead

Disability Derbyshire

Disability Derbyshire Coalition for Inclusive Living (DDCIL) works to apply disabled people's ideas and experiences to developing services and public policies.

We exist because disabled people realised that disability is caused by the way society is organised, and not by the way their bodies, senses or minds work.

Latest news

Possible new DDCIL Information Service – We need your help!

DDCIL is currently examining the possibility of setting up a new Information Service and we would really appreciate input from local people, especially those who are themselves disabled or have a disabled family member. To pursue funding we need to know if there is an interest in a specialist disability information and support service for Derbyshire […]

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DDCIL Ripley Wellbeing Support Group

Every month DDCIL holds a Wellbeing Support Group in Ripley that is open to all. This is a peer support group which means it is run by people who themselves are going through, or at some point in their lives have been through, depression and/or anxiety. The group’s aim is to provide a supportive and empathic […]

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For our friends with IBDs – a new youtube channel about living with Crohns and a Stoma bag

If you’ve got an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (such as Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis) there can be a lot to process and learn. This is even more true when you’re dealing with the day to day practicalities of living with a stoma bag. Susie Rogers has started a YouTube channel talking about her processes and tips […]

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